Cheap Polaroid Cameras

Cheap Polaroid Cameras

Interesting thing about Polaroid cameras or Instant cameras is the camera is cheap if you compare with other types of cameras like digital cameras but film is expensive. You can even find a dirt cheap Polaroid camera from ebay or from a yard sale. If those are in working condition or not is another matter. But now there is a new trend about these Polaroid instant cameras and also other brands of instant cameras like Fujifilm Instax cameras. Unless you know what is the best choice for you then you might end up with wrong camera which might be a white elephant. So it's important to learn all about these cameras and models so you won't end up with some outdated camera which has no film available these days.

Should I buy an old Polaroid Camera ?

This is an question you might seen in Yahoo Answers quite often. Some even don't bother to ask. They just buy in and then later realize what a waste was that. There's a really big reason why these old Polaroid film cameras are dirt cheap. That's because They have stopped camera and film production long long time ago. If you are going to buy a Camera like Polaroid 600 or Polaroid SX-70 then you won't find any real Polaroid film for these cameras unless you buy expired and probably dried out film pack from camera store of insane price. Also these Polaroid cameras are not quality stuff. There's a big chance it's not in working condition if the camera has spent decades in a box or someones attic. So you have to ask your self, does it really worth buying a camera like that ? in my opinion it's not.

I do have an old Polaroid camera , so no film for that ?

Well you have 2 choices. You can go for those old expired Polaroid film packs if those are available and cost will be around $50 for those 10 exposure film packs. Or you can try new Impossible Project instant film which would cost you around $3 per exposure / print. If you are willing to spend that much for instant film then you can do that. Again you are lucky only if you have a Polaroid 600, Polaroid SX-70 or Polaroid Spectra camera. If not then you are not lucky, sadly.

What about new Polaroid film called Zink Media photo paper ?

You can't use Polaroid Zink Media photo paper with old Polaroid film cameras. These are made with totally different technology and only works with new Polaroid digital instal cameras. But plus point is new film cost you only around $0.50 per print.

These new Polaroid digital instant cameras are expensive ?

If you compare with old Polaroid cameras or Fujifilm instax cameras, yeah those are expensive. There are only 3 digital instal camera models out there. Polaroid Z340 camera cost around $250 and it uses 3x4 format Zink media film. Other one is Polaroid Z2300 camera which uses 2x3 (credit card size) Zink media premium film and cost around $200.

What are the latest Cheap Instant Cameras ?

All new Polaroid cameras are expensive you have to check the only alternative out there. That's Fujifilm Instax Series. There is FujiFilm Instax 210 camera which you can get for around $60 and Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera which you can get for around $70. All other Instax cameras cost you more than $100.

Polaroid vs Fujifilm Instax

The biggest difference between these 2 brands is the price. Instax series cameras are cheaper than new Polaroid cameras. Also Polaroid only make instant digital camera and Fuji makes only analog instant cameras. Film price is pretty much similar and their new Photo paper technology is similar too.

Fuji Instax 210 v Fuji Instax 300

Simple answer is both these cameras are same except for the out design.  New Fujifilm Instax 300 camera looks great but cost you around $130. But the Instax 210 you can get for less than $100 but it's a big camera. Both cameras use Instax WIDE Film and photo quality is identical.

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