Polaroid Camera List

This Polaroid Camera List has all Polaroid instant cameras which has original film or some other alternative film available. There are around 100 models of instant photo cameras produced by Polaroid since 1948 but sadly only few of these models still in working condition.because Not cameras are not working but film packs are not available. 

Also since 2009 they have only released instant digital cameras to market. Any analog camera available in this Polaroid camera list is product before 2009. Advantage of these instant digital cameras is getting images saved to into a memory card or move to another device like a mobile, Tab or Laptop.

Polaroid Camera List
Polaroid Snap

Polaroid Snap is a cute instant digital camera comes in five colors. It uses Polaroid Zink Media photo paper, 2x3 format. It's 10 megapixel sensor helps to capture better quality images than old Polaroids. Also can save images into a Micro SD card upto 32GB.

Polaroid Snap camera does have some cool features like Six different capture modes, including black-and-white and a vintage-look sepia tone etc. A timer feature for selfies.Battery low and No paper indicator. Another brand new option called Photo Booth.

Powered by a  built-in lithium battery. This might not be a great idea since if something goes wrong battery then camera would be useless. Also it prints every photo automatically if camera has a photo paper pack loaded. You can take photos without SD Card but you must have photo paper. Camera has no built-in memory so if you want photos to be saved better have a Micro SD card in camera.

This camera is cheap compared to other digital instant cameras. You can buy this one for upper $xx.

Cheap Polaroid Camera
 Polaroid Z2300
 Polaroid Z2300 instant camera is another digital model and it's price is only 30-50 bucks higher than Polaroid Snap. Price depends on the color. Z3200 has so many nice features which makes it a pretty good instant photo camera. It's released in 2012 so it's bit old now.

Camera comes with a 4GB internal memory and can used a SD card upto 32GB. 10 megapixel sensor takes good quality photos and LCD screen lets you select the images you want to print. Another Interesting thing is it's 6x zoom. Well most of a digital zoom so you can't expect a lot from that but it's still nice.

This digital instant cameras uses Polaroid Zink Media 2 x 3 format photo paper. As a cheap Polaroid camera it's a really good choice for you if you need an instant film camera which can save images as well as print those.

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