Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Polaroid PoGo Instant Camera

This Polaroid PoGo instant camera also known as Polaroid Z230E or Polaroid CZA-05300 camera. It's an important mile stone in Polaroid camera industry because this is the first digital instant camera released for market. It used to be around $150 when it first released but now it cost around $400. I don't why is that but it might has something to do with it's bluetooth feature. It's the only instant camera which could transfer files wireless into another device before they released Polaroid Socialmatic Camera.

As a camera there aren't much to impress about it. It's a small digital camera with 5 Mega Pixel sensor and 4x digital zoom. Also it has a 3 inch LCD screen on back and SD card slot to external memory. It's powered by a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So basically it's a small digital camera combined with Polaroid instant mobile printer. Pretty good combination these days but now this camera is totally out dated when you compare with new Instax and Polaroid cameras.

Anyway if you are searching for information about this camera and want to buy it then you should think again. With a $400 price tag it's not one of those cheap Polaroid cameras. Also it's pretty old model which released around 2008 or 2009. Also now there are too many cheaper instant photo cameras out there.

If you want a digital instant camera then you can go for Polaroid Z340, Polaroid Z2300 which is pretty same to this camera but cheaper or for new Polaroid Socialmatic Camera. Z3200 can be bought for less than $200 from Amazon or other online stores. Other two cameras are expensive but still cheaper than this PoGo camera.

Even Fujifilm has come really good quality instant film cameras for low prices. These cameras are not digital instant cams but when it comes to the price of camera and film it's cheap. Also Instax film is really good just like new Polaroid Zink Media Film.

So now you new what is this PoGo camera and why it's not worth the expensive price tag. Unless you are a collector who wants it for your camera collection better avoid and go for other cheaper but latest models.

It uses new Polaroid mini film which is Zink Media 2x3 photo paper. There are two types of film packs. Old PoGo photo packs which are identical to Fujifilm Instax Mini film and new Zink Media  2x3 premium border less photo paper. You can use both these types without a trouble. But I have no idea if Instax Mini film can be used for PoGo or Z2300 cameras.

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