Thursday, March 17, 2016

Polaroid Snap Instant Camera

Polaroid Snap Instant Camera

If you are a Polaroid camera fan then you might already know about the Polaroid Snap Instant Camera. It's their latest product and a camera which made to challenge the Fujifilm domination of cheap instant camera market. Yep, This is the first ever real cheap Polaroid camera from them.

It costs only $100 in market currently. Basically the only Polaroid camera which comes under $150. It comes in several cute colors too (White, Black, Red, Blue). Also This Snap camera is an instant digital camera so unlike the Instax series you can save images into a Macro SD card (upto 32GB). 

Polaroid Snap comes with a 10-Megapixel Sensor, which is not something great when you compare with latest digital cameras but main focus on this camera is instant printing capability. So you are not going to get photos as sharp as a DSRL camera or one of those good point and shoot cameras. But still photo prints will  be lot better than Old models like Polaroid 600 or Polaroid SX-70.

Sensor is not the only reason for good photo quality. New Polaroid Premium photo paper is really good, maybe even better than old PoGo photo paper. You can do full color 2x3" photo prints in under 1 minute with this instant photo camera. The cost per print would be only around 50 cents use. That's a great price even if you compare with Impossible Project film packs which used of old models like Type 600.

Fujifilm has released their latest Instax mini camera end of last year. Instax Mini 70 is really good instant film camera which lacks only digital features. Photo quality might little bit better than the Snap in my opinion. Also Instax Mini film are pretty much same price as new Polaroid Zink Photo paper. You have to pay around $20 more since this model cost you around $130 right now. Better check Amazon for more accurate current prices.

I think Polaroid has realized finally they are not at top of the instant camera market anymore. They mind have those new instant digital cameras but that's not majority need. They are looking for good quality camera for a decent price. I think it's really good finally they have started focusing on making cheap Polaroid cameras again. That's what Fuji has been doing all these years and capturing the market. Little bit of competition would be great for everyone I think, not use for we buyers but also for these two companies.

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