Thursday, January 30, 2014

Polaroid 600 Film

Polaroid 600 Film

Okey lets cut to the chase. If you are search about Polaroid 600 film to find a cheap film for your camera or you are going to buy a Polaroid 600 camera then you need to think again. Polaroid Co does not make film for these cameras anymore. So Only option you have is Impossible Project 600 Film.

There are still Type 600 Film packs out there in market but all these are expired film packs. These might work or might not work. Also ultra expensive. 10 exposure film pack will cost you around $50! Now unless you have deep pockets you wouldn't want to spend that kind of money for film packs long term. So your options are limited.

  • You can Buy Impossible Project 600 Film which cost you around $3 - $4 per photo print. These come in 8 exposure film packs which cost you around $25-$30 at their site and also in Amazon.

  • You can forget about your Polaroid 600 camera and buy a new Polaroid digital instant camera like Polaroid Z340 which is expensive ($250) but use cheaper and more available film.

  • You can buy a Instax Mini 90s or Instax Mini 8 cameras which are lot more cheaper than Polaroid Cameras and Instax Mini film is cheap too.

Unless you can't give up your Type 600 camera or you badly want one and don't mind the film cost then your only hope is those Impossible Project film. Those are the only alternative for Polaroid 600 film. They have new type of 600 film which is even better than old Polaroid stuff quality wise.

Anyway if you are looking for an instant camera to buy then go for one of those Polaroid digital instant cameras or for a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera which is cheaper and have better film. These old Polaroid cameras like type 600 cameras are not a good investment unless you are willing spend a lot for instant film.

 Impossible Project 600 Film
Impossible Project 600 Instant Film

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