Friday, May 23, 2014

Polaroid Z340 Camera

Polaroid Z340 Camera

Polaroid Z340 camera is a digital instant camera which print 3x4 size photos prints. This is one of the three instant digital cameras Polaroid has released so far. Also it's probably the best instant camera among those three cameras. It's not exactly a cheap Polaroid camera but comparing with other digital instant camera z340 has some really good features and also only it can print 3x4 format photos.

It uses Polaroid 3x4 Zink photo paper. Cost per photo print is around $.65 which is pretty much same as other mini film and lot cheaper than old Polaroid instant film. Also These new Zero Ink (Zink) technology gives you 100% better quality film than those old instant film like Polaroid 600 film.

You can use a SDHC memory card to save all images you shoot and then You can print only select photos after checking those. This way you will able to save prints. With Analog instant cameras like old Polaroid cameras and also Fujifilm Instax cameras you can't choose which photo to print. Camera would automatically print the photo as soon as you take it. Downside is you might waste your photo paper by printing bad photos. But With this z340 camera you can check all your photos before printing.

This Instant camera cost you around $250 at Amazon with free shipping. So it's not exactly a cheap instant camera but it's a good camera for these times since you can move photos to your phone or computer and then post in social media sites.

Polaroid Z340 might be a low cost alternative for photo booth if you plan to rent one for an event like a wedding or party. This gives you bigger format photos for cheaper price. Also you can check every photo before print so it will save lots of money when you want to take lots of photos.

Polaroid Z340 Promo Video

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