Friday, May 23, 2014

Instant Film for Polaroid Z340 Camera

Instant Film for Polaroid Z340 Camera
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Polaroid Z340 camera uses Polaroid ZINK Media 3 x 4 Photo Paper which is a new high quality product. One of the common mistakes make by Polaroid fans is trying to use this new instant film for old Polaroid instant camera models like Polaroid 600 series. You CAN NOT use Zink Media 3 x 4 Photo Paper for any other camera except Polaroid 340. At least not for old cameras. Only camera use this 3x4 film in market is Z340 and nothing else. Apart of that camera you can use this film for Polaroid mobile instant printer GL10. 

Unlike old Polaroid instant film these are border-less photo prints, Also with new Zink technology prints dry right away so you csn touch those immediately. Also this new type of film is waterproof and tear-resistant prints. Photo print quality is miles beyond old instant film, full color photos without ink using 800 million embedded. Photos are lot sharper and better. But just keep in mind these are instant cameras so photo prints are never going to be 100% sharp as you see in phone or computer.

This  Polaroid Z340 film comes with no expiration date. Technically should able to use these even after a decade like old Polaroid film but these will work better even after a decade than the old stuff. Make sure to keep film in normal room temperature and in a dry place. 

Cost of ZINK Media 3 x 4 Photo Paper is old cheaper than old instant film. One photo print priced only around $0.60 and you need to buy these in 10 sheet packs. When you buy bigger packs price would be even cheaper. You can get a 50 photo paper pack from Amazon for less than $28 with free shipping.

You can see how cheap this type of instant film is. If you are still keeping your old Polaroid Instant camera and trying to find alternative film for it maybe it's time for you to buy a Z340 camera (Check Here). Even at Impossible Project old instant film cost you at least $3 per print. New type cost you only around $0.60 so anyone can do the math and see which is the better solution.

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