Sunday, January 18, 2015

Old Polaroid Cameras

Old Polaroid Cameras
Polaroid Automatic 250 Land Camera
I'm a big fan of Polaroid cameras. I prefer those classic Polaroid models from old times. I love collecting old cameras specially these really nice old Polaroid instant cams. Good thing is these cameras are cheap since no film available anymore. You can buy these from Yard sales for every cheap and even e-bay has some great offers always.

Unfortunately the biggest problem is none of these old cameras have new film except for Type 600, SX-70 and Spectra cameras. For these three models you can get new film from Polaroid but not for other camera types. There is one rare exception if you have one of those pack film cameras which use type100 film. You can use Fujifilm FP-100c film those land cameras. These film are not very expensive even though not easy to find in local stores but you can find in Amazon and some other online stores.

My favorite is those Polaroid Highlander Model 80 which is the first ever Polaroid camera ever made. You can't use it anymore without converting it to take other type of film packs but it's a really beautiful camera. It's a big camera which was released in late 40's to late 50's and something should be in center of any Instant camera collection.

I have seen some really beautiful limited edition cameras like Polaroid 600 Hello Kitty camera and other models like that. Some of these models can be found in stores but few models like this Hello Kitty one is rare. The biggest problem is finding one in working condition.

I'm not a big fan of these new instant digital camera models. I don't think those will never become real classic cameras. Fujifilm Instax cameras doesn't have vintage or classic look either. Almost all Instax models looks like cheap plastic designs.

But if you are looking for an instant photo camera which is cheap as well as use cheap film packs then Instax series is the one for you. Nothing else is great as Instax series when it comes to price since all new Polaroid cameras are very expensive.

If you want an old classic Polaroid in working condition then try a Polaroid 600, Polaroid SX-70 or Polaroid Spectra series. You can get new film packs for these cameras from Impossible project. Cost is around $20-$25 for eight photo paper pack. Those older models like Automatic 250, Automaic 340 cameras which use Type 100 film should be find since you can use Fujifilm FP-100c film but finding a camera in working condition is really hard.

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