Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Polaroid 300 Camera

Polaroid 300 Camera

Polaroid 300 Camera is basically something outdated by a decade. It's strange many people have no idea this is just a re-branded version of Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s camera. Yes. They have printed name on it and put it in a box with Polaorid name. But still it's an Instax Mini 7s.

So yeah Polaroid 300 Film are just re-branded  Fujifilm Instax Mini film. Polaroid never made these Polaroid 300 cameras or Type 300 film in their own factories. Just they bought those from Fujifilm and sold in North America and Western Europe. 

Fujifilm has started selling Instax Mini 7s from 2004. But as their agreement with Polaroid they could not tap into European market or North America. But by then Fujifilm Instant cameras had already become better quality cameras than Polaroids analog instant cameras like Polaroid 600 series, Polaroid SX-70 etc. So they bought Mini 7s cams and sold it in their market. Fujifilm has no problem about it since their cameras are getting sold and they are getting profits too. 

By 2009 Polaroid had closed their all analog instant camera and instant film factories so Polaroid 300 was the only camera they had in market. In west they Instax series was not popular since they were not allowed in market so Type 300 become a hit. Everyone thought Polaroid had hit the jackpot again.

Anyway soon Polaroid ditch the reselling Mini 7s and started focusing on their instant digital cameras. Also Instax series cameras like Instax Mini 25, Instax 50 started reaching European market. 

Good thing is unlike Polaroid 600 Film, Polaroid SX-70 film which had become extinct and relaunched by Impossible Project , Polaroid 300 camera users have never had problem finding film packs since you can use  Instax Mini film instead of Type 300 film.

Also there is no point of buying these old Polaroid 300 film since those are over 10 years old and expired. You can get Instax Mini film packs for cheaper from any online store or local camera stores.

Some people has asked if they can use Polaroid Zink Media photo paper for their  Polaroid 300 cameras but I don't think it's possible. There's no doubt Polaroid is using Instax film technology but photo paper is packed in different type of cartridges so you won't able to insert.

Anyway if you are a owner of Polaroid 300 instant camera then maybe it's time for you to buy newer model. Maybe a Polaroid instant digital camera like Polaroid Snap, Polaroid Z340 etc or a Newer Fujifilm Instax cam such as Instax Mini 70, Instax 300, Instax Mini 90 etc. Photo quality of these new cameras are 10x better than older models. So it maybe a worth to checking what new Polaroid cameras or other instant cameras in market today.

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